Export services from France to West Africa

We have a special promotion on our export services from Le Havre to West Africa, via Antwerp. The transit times per country are different, which you can read below.

Ivory Coast | Transit time is 23 days
Mali | Transit time is 25 days
Guinea | Transit time is 13 days
Benin | Transit time is 25 days
Senegal | Transit time is 15 days
Cameroon | Transit time is 15 days
Nigeria | Transit time is 17 days
Togo | Transit time is 22 days
Mauritania | Transit time is 20 days
Burkina Faso | Transit time is 33 days
Ghana | Transit time is 13 days

And a fun fact! Did you know the most populous city in Africa is Lagos in Nigeria? With more than 21 million inhabitants, Lagos is also one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world and is estimated to become the worlds largest city by 2100.

Do you have any questions about our services to West Africa? Please get in touch with our sales team via sales.fr.leh@nvoconsolidation.com. And did you know you can book online easily via NVOGO? Check it out yourself!