Your Rail Freight Specialist

At NVO Consolidation, we like to think about extending our services to give our customers the possibility to choose the service which suits them best. Therefore, we offer a weekly LCL service by rail from China directly to The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Rail transport is fast, reliable and sustainable with the added benefit of quicker transit times compared to ocean transport. Transport costs are lower than airfreight, providing a viable, cost effective alternative to other more traditional methods of moving freight around the world.

What if you are located in another European country? With our distribution network, we offer door to door services from collected mainland China to addresses throughout Europe, making sure that your cargo will be delivered at your door as quickly as possible.

NVO Consolidation is one of the four founding partners of RailGate which offers weekly LCL and FCL rail freight services from China into all European Countries.


Why NVO Consolidation?

  • Faster than ocean transport
  • Cheaper than air freight
  • Reliable and sustainable